Completed 2009

The old main drape was shredded and only opened up and down. Theatre Manager Lee Sweet made the request to Grand Vision for a new drape and GVF Board President Fred Allen compared bids and worked with LA stage curtain maker Dazian Fabrics to produce what was needed for the best price. Grand Vision purchased the drape and traveller track for $11,000. Then Fred, whose background is in theater tech, and the men of Beacon House removed the old drape and hung the new one. The new drape has a beautiful shimmer, matches the historic swag that decorated the proscenium directly above, and most of all, parts from side to side as well as "flying up and down" or "in and out" in theater speak. "We are once again grateful to Grand Vision for providing the funds as well as the expertise for this project," enthused Lee Sweet.

Completed 2007

The Warner Grand's old hemp rigging system, which did not meet current safety standards, was removed and replaced by a new standard T-guide counterweight and locking rail system. Sixteen line sets were installed, including four electrics and a special line set to carry the projection screen. Prior to the letting of the bid request, Hopper Engineering was engaged, and confirmed the capacity of the theater grid to carry the load of the new stage rigging. Tru-Roll, Inc. was selected for its excellent reputation, familiarity with the Warner Grand Theatre and its nearby location. The project consisted of three phases:

Removal and storage of existing drapery, lighting, sets and projection screen, removal of existing thirteen counterweight sets including the locking rail, blocks, cable, ropes, battens and arbors. Remove the theater's existing stage rigging and replace with a completely new system. Build a loading bridge to greatly improve safety for users of the rigging.

Submittal drawings were reviewed and approved by licensed structural engineer.

Upon receipt of approved design drawings, the selected vendor fabricated,
delivered and installed:
  • Locking rail for up to 25 sets;
  • 16 wire guide line sets;
    Loading bridge (a catwalk above the fly floor that greatly increases the safety of the rigging system).
  • A new Harkness Hall 48.92' x 21.66' Perlux projection screen was also installed.
Completed 2007

The Warner Grand Theatre sound system dated from the 1940s. Audiences complained that it was inaudible. The system was replaced with a custom designed movie sound system that can also be used for live performances. Erich Helzer Company was selected to perform the work. The project consisted of two parts, the cinema sound and the voice reinforcement systems.

Cinema Sound System:
The vendor removed old speakers, processor and amplifiers and replaced with new equipment. Speakers were customized to cover the entire theatre to maximize the listening experience. Speakers with live sound capabilities were incorporated. Some new cables were laid. The cinema sound system was custom-built to the vendor’s specifications by Renkus Heinz.

Voice Reinforcement (PA) System:
The vendor installed a mixer, amplifier and wireless receiver on a stage rack
with the cinema sound system. Speakers were installed on either side of the proscenium with hidden mounts. The PA system includes QSC speakers and amplifier and a TOA mixer.

Lighting Console:
The old console was more than ten years old and would not support the type of productions wanting to use the Warner Grand Theatre.  Grand Vision Foundation's Vice-President, Fred Allen, worked to secure the donation of the console along with its complete refurbishment by the manufacturer.  The new board will allow the Theatre to offer moving lights control and other current features.