Exterior Lobby
The historic lobby features marble walls, ornamental metal poster cases, a marble and nickel ticket booth and a checkerboard-pattern terrazzo paving. All of these items need varying amounts of restoration.

The terrazzo paving needs the most attention.  There is a major crack running along the entire length of the lobby and will continue to worsen if it is not addressed.  The damage is about 2" thick in some parts and poses a danger to the public.  This crack may have been caused by settling or an earthquake.  It is possible that the larger trucks and cars constantly driving along 6th street have added to the problem of displaced settlement.  The crack was repaired with an epoxy which has since deteriorated and left the crack back to its damaged state. In order to ensure the damage is fixed and will not return, it is recommended that an expansion joint be placed where the crack is currently.  This would involve removal of the damaged terrazzo and installation of new terrazzo flanked by expansion joints.  By doing this, the street side can act independently from the lobby side which will prevent the crack from returning.

The marble walls are generally in good physical condition although there are instances of cracking and loss of the material.  Parts of the marble wall have come off and the concrete wall structure behind it is visible. There have been instances where pieces have been replaced by wood painted to resemble the marble.  The edge losses are due to natural flaws in the stone.  It is recommended that joints be replaced and to repair the losses in the marble panels and the ill-fitting wood patch.  Polished black marble baseboards run along either side of the lobby and are in poor condition.  Sections are missing and much of the remaining baseboard is cracked. Patching should occur to bring this element to its original condition and prevent future cracking.

The poster cases are in decent condition although repainting has occurred.  From historic photos we are able to determine that there were two additional poster cases flanking the exterior lobby but they have since been removed.  These additional cases will need to be fabricated and replaced based on the historic evidence we have found.

The ticket booth has been going though repairs and is almost back to good condition.  The marble has been polished and there was a major pigeon infestation that has since been properly cleared out.  Bird netting has been installed over the ticket booth and poster cases to deter birds from returning.  The interior of the booth needs work done to the wood and metal trim.