Welcome Kris Bergstrom, GVF Artist-in-Residence

Master taiko drummer Kristofer Bergstrom is a co-founder of the Los Angeles Taiko Institute and has been the lead instructor of Grand Vision’s Team Taiko program since 2016.

Kris is a graduate of Stanford University, has studied extensively in Japan with Kiyonari Tosha, one of the fathers of modern taiko and has over 20 years of experience as an international touring musician. In addition to a rigorous teaching schedule, he is a collaborator with CicLAvia, bringing Taiko to Los Angeles’s growing cycling culture.

This spring and summer, Kris brings his creative expertise and indomitable spirit to the Grand Annex to develop a new work, specifically influenced by the proximity to the Port of Los Angeles and the relationship between people and industry.

Kris will be collaborating with other artists including dancer Minh Nguyen and drummer Andy Akiho. Over the course of the residency, we’ll get to see clips of the artists at work as well as a livestream presentation about the artistic process. In August, we can look forward to the premier performance of the new composition.

For a taste of Kris’ style, here’s a link to one of his pieces, called Handtagonism, performed at the Grand Annex in 2018, with ManMan Mui, David Wells and Isaku Kageyama. This version is about five minutes. At 1:40 Kris’ personality shines, and at about 2:00, the pieces revs up into a blur of beauty and rhythmic expression.

For more about Kris: Kristofer Bergstrom 


Article Posted: 5/13/2020