Councilman Joe Buscaino kickstarts "Love for the Lobby" Campaign with $50,000 Donation

Grand Vision is excited to announce the launch of a new restoration campaign for the Warner Grand Theatre - called "Love the Lobby." Love the Lobby will restore the original painted art deco designs on the main lobby ceiling. To read this story with photos, click here.

At the Gathering for the Grand Gala on March 24, 2018, Grand Vision Foundation received a surprise donation from Councilman Joe Buscaino to start the campaign! 

The Warner Grand Theatre is has been called “An art deco masterpiece.” Its main auditorium and mezzanine lobby have survived, almost untouched, as stunning examples of early 20th Century movie palace design. Yet, the main lobby has not fared as well.

At an unknown time, perhaps as a result of paint deterioration or changing styles of decor, the main lobby’s original painted ceiling and wall decorations were tragically painted over in off-white.

Recently, Grand Vision Foundation engaged a professional paint restoration specialist to investigate the ceiling and carefully reveal sections, allowing us to check the condition and seek bids for a complete restoration.

The total cost of painting restoration is estimated to be $300,000. If we decide to improve other aspects of the lobby, (such as the lighting) costs will be higher. Grand Vision is looking forward to working with the community to make this project come to life. Please stay tuned! We will have more information soon on how to support the Love the Lobby Campaign!

Together, we can restore the Warner Grand Theatre’s main lobby, ensuring that the theater’s splendor is communicated from the moment each visitor enters the front door.

Thank you to Councilman Buscaino for kickstarting this important project!

Article Posted: 3/28/2018