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We are in the running for one of LA City Councilman Joe Buscaino's Community Grants - but we need your vote to win!


Here is our full application for the Buscaino Community Grant. Please VOTE HERE
Proposal Description:
Since 2009, Grand Vision's Meet the Music program has grown to provide semester and year-long programs to over 1,800 fourth and fifth graders at eight Harbor area Title I (low income) schools, four in San Pedro and four in Wilmington. This year, we provided virtual programs to our schools - and teachers reported that students who were reluctant to try distance-learning still participated in our music classes - and then stayed for their academics.

With the help of a the Community Grant, Grand Vision will be able to provide Meet the Music to ALL Title I elementary schools in San Pedro, adding six new schools to our current roster for the 2021-22 school year. This support will allow 2,000 San Pedro 4th & 5th graders to take part in Meet the Music's cumulative 18 month program, gaining musical and cultural understanding and learning new ways to engage with their academics.
Meet the Music is:
- Roots of Music Program (RoMP) for 4th graders introduces the study of music through in-school lessons focused on cultural traditions, STEAM instrument building activities, and interactive performances with professional musicians. 

- Percussion Program for fourth graders provides a strong musical foundation in rhythm, improvisation and group music making.

- Recorders in Schools for fifth graders is a 25-week series of in-school recorder lessons plus a recital. Classroom teachers participate and include practice sessions during the week. 
In L.A. County, arts education is least available in schools in low-income communities of color, as reported in the 2017 L.A. County Arts Education Profile Report. Their data showed that the quality and quantity of arts education decreased in schools with high populations of English language learners and students who received free or reduced price meal programs. Our current and proposed LAUSD partner schools in San Pedro are all classified as Title I (at least 80% low-income), and all receive limited arts education resources from the school district.
With support from the Buscaino Community Grant, Grand Vision’s Meet the Music staff will work closely with principals, teachers and LAUSD’s San Pedro community of schools to effectively increase services by fall 2021.
Expanding Meet the Music will improve students’ engagement in school, jump-start their creativity and help build skills that last a lifetime.
Our commitment to music education also grows from our desire to see all San Pedro residents thrive. Numerous studies show how music education increases students’ academic achievement in school and throughout their lives. "The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth"* demonstrated that low socio-economic status teens and young adults with past high-arts participation show better academic outcomes than do their low-arts, low-socio-economic status peers. The researchers found that high arts participation is connected with “school grades, test scores, honors society membership, high school graduation, college enrollment and achievement, volunteering, and engagement in school or local politics,” as well as with higher rates of participation in extracurricular activities in high school and college. Let’s set our next generation up for success! 
Organization Description: The mission of Grand Vision Foundation is to inspire and engage the diverse Los Angeles Harbor/South Bay community through culturally inclusive arts and educational experiences centered on the historic Warner Grand Theatre and the Grand Annex in downtown San Pedro. We are a nonprofit community arts organization, and focal point and gathering place in the historic downtown San Pedro arts district. We present live music concerts at the Grand Annex, advocate for the Warner Grand Theatre as its official Friends group, and provide ongoing music education in local schools through our Meet the Music program. 

Underlying Grand Vision’s efforts is our belief that local arts have the power to bridge cultural boundaries and unite our community. We were founded in 1996 to save the Warner Grand Theatre and have worked since then to restore the L.A. City-owned theater to a viable community performing arts center. Our vision is to see the community revitalized through the arts, with a fully restored Warner Grand Theatre as the center of an active performing arts complex that includes the Grand Annex and other cultural and artistic venues within historic downtown San Pedro, complemented by robust arts educational experiences for our youth, schools and community, provided through our Meet the Music program, Team Taiko and other projects supporting future artists and audiences.

 *"The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth"(Catterall, J. S., Dumais, S. A., & Hampden-Thompson, G. 2012),  

Proposal Categories: Non-Profit/Community Investment, Recreation/Youth Programming

Article Posted: 5/10/2021