Meet the Music (MTM) is Grand Vision's premiere youth education program serving San Pedro and Wilmington students ages 8-12 attending Title I (low-income) schools. First launched in 2009, MTM began as a series of monthly world music concerts held at The Grand Annex performance venue in downtown San Pedro. While continuing this series, now called ROMP (Roots Of Music Program), we now offer pre-concert and post-concert lessons, teaching students about rhythm, tempo, pitch, melody and dynamics, while expanding on the geographical and cultural information presented at each world music concert.

ROMP concert artists educate and perform for students live at The Grand Annex as a series of field trips during school hours (transportation provided by Grand Vision). These music professionals, from the LA area and around the globe, are experienced working with young audiences. Here are just some of the international destinations students have "visited":
  • Peru, with panpipe soloist Clemente Leyva of Inca Son
  • The Polynesian Islands, with the Nani Kai Dancers
  • Brazil, with percussionist Chalo Eduardo
  • Spain, with flamenco dancer Susana Elena
  • China/Africa/Middle-East, with world music group Mystic Journey
  • Indonesia, with gamelan duo Bali & Beyond
  • Colonial America, with fiddler Daniel Slosberg's "Pierre Cruzatte"
In addition, MTM offers an annual opportunity for 1,500 Harbor area students, teachers and community members to gather at the historic Warner Grand Theatre for a special youth-tailored performance by the LA Opera. Previous presentations have included adaptations of Mozart's The Magic Flute and Puccini's The Girl of the Golden West.
In the fall of 2013, Meet the Music began offering weekly recorder lessons to selected 4th and 5th grade students in Wilmington and San Pedro, providing a hands-on opportunity to learn music fundamentals and how to play a musical instrument. These lessons have introduced 80% of all participating students thus far to their very first musical instrument. In the words of Cabrillo Elementary School's 5th grade student Destiny, “I think that this has been an awesome experience to learn music and bond with family and friends. I love music, and I'm glad I got to learn more about it.”
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Meet the Music