Grand Annex
Saturday, November 17, 2012
8:00 PM

One part Ginger, one part Genius, one part Gender warrior: Coyote Grace is at the forefront of a growing movement to redefine the meanings of "roots" and "tradition" with their textured harmonies, confessional songwriting, and a unique sound that hovers just beyond the edge of familiar.

Armed with a bevy of acoustic instruments - from guitar and upright bass to banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and accordion - Joe Stevens, Ingrid Elizabeth, and Michael Connolly fill theater, club, and festival stages with a wash of sound seemingly far too expansive for three musicians.

The sultry trio combines virtuosic musicianship combined with a humble, warm stage presence, all stemming from a history of self-invention — and re-invention. Coyote Grace tours nationwide and has recently released their fifth album, Now Take Flight

"There's a yearning, freight-train-hopping, propulsive energy to many of [Coyote Grace]'s songs that suggests not only an indie-band road tour, but the road to one's true identity, a destination on a map still being written."- Sylvia Sukop, Huffington Post