ROOTS & RAMBLES Workshops - Make Music in the Garden

Grand Annex
Saturday, May 29, 2021
1:30 PM

Grand Vision Foundation presents
Roots & Rambles Workshops at the Garden

Come on down to San Pedro for two MUSIC MAKING workshops at the Garden Church/Feed & Be Fed Garden, 429 W. 6th St. San Pedro. Workshops are FREE, 45 minutes, and open to all age 13 and above. All participants must register by purchasing a free ticket.

The two workshops are:
1:30 pm “The Art of Songwriting” with Jason Luckett 
Participants will explore ways to write lyrics that use creative language, tricks of rhyme and sound to make ideas and stories come alive in song.
2:30 pm "Sing, Shout & Stomp" with the Honey Whiskey Trio
Participants will learn about shape note singing, body percussion, and shout songs. The workshop is a mix of singing, movement, musical history and vocal demos by the Honeys.

The Roots & Rambles workshops are in-person experiences that complement two concerts: Honey Whiskey Livestream on June 4 and Jason Luckett, LIVE at the Grand Annex on June 18.

The Roots & Rambles series is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

COVID SAFETY: 30 participants max and please plan to wear a facemask and expect social distance seating.