William Coulter & Brian Finnegan
with Lyons Academy of Irish Dance

Grand Annex
Saturday, October 9, 2010
8:00 PM

This concert is a special private event

Brian Finnegan & William Coulter are veterans of the folk music world. Brian spent the last 12 years touring and recording with the Irish band, Flook. William has been exploring traditional music for over 20 years and has performed and recorded with some of the best Irish and Irish-American musicians. Coulter's impeccable and sensitive guitar technique seems as if the instrument were a steel-string choir. Finnegan's playing draws on world music influences, combining a rare blend of fiery technical brilliance with a bold, musical imagination. As a duo, their love of traditional melody comes to life in their hands.

This concert is a special private event. For tickets please contact Elise at 310-241-0699