Grand Vision's Meet The Music

receives major grant from CAC

The California Arts Council has awarded three significant grants to fund and expand Grand Vision’s Meet The Music Program from their Artists in Schools and Professional Development categories.


Thousands of arts organizations compete for funding for the grants provided by The California Arts Council which are administered through a multi-step, public process. This year, a record amount of over $15 million is being awarded to more than 1,000 grantees across the state to support arts and culture in 15 unique categories, benefiting California’s students, veterans, arts educators, at-risk youth, formerly incarcerated individuals, underserved populations and communities at large.


For those who wonder about this increase in California’s investment in our kids and the arts, Donn K Harris, CAC Chair says, “These funds can be life-changing. To witness that exponential return on our state’s investment, the ripple effect in our communities health and vitality, is the greatest reward.”


At Grand Vision, we get to see first hand the real changes Meet the Music programs bring to the children we serve. Arely, a student from Cabrillo Ave. Elementary School told us, “My experience was amazing. I love being able to play the recorder to people. Throughout this journey, what was valuable to me was I was finally able to understand that even if I think I can't do it, if I keep trying, I can accomplish it.”


Meet the Music ensures equitable access to the arts through partnerships with local elementary schools who lack music education. Through inspirational live music concerts and sequential standards-based instruction with trained teaching artists, Meet the Music builds the foundation and inspiration students need to make and enjoy music for the rest of their lives, while bringing teachers the tools to integrate arts learning into the classroom. Local San Pedro and Wilmington children benefit from instruction, leading to greater academic achievement and increased self-esteem. Meet The Music includes RoMP (Roots of Music Program) for fourth graders and Recorders in Schools for fifth graders, which prepare students for future music study, while building skills that enhance concentration, language comprehension, creativity, and collaboration.

Article Posted: 6/20/2017